Attendance for Virtual/Hybrid Students

Attendance will be completed differently in each learning platform.  Brick and Mortar students (including hybrid students when they are physically in the building) will have attendance completed at school as in past school years.  Attendance for the SESD Online Academy will be completed asynchronously through completion of assignments.  When hybrid students are learning remotely and for our students in the SESD Virtual Academy, attendance will be recorded as follows:

Hybrid and SESD Virutal Attendance

  • Student and/or Parent must complete a Google Attendance Form by 9:00 AM daily (please complete attendance for EACH student in the appropriate building)

Delta Peach Bottom Elementary
Fawn Area Elementary
Stewartstown Elementary
South Eastern Intermediate School
South Eastern Middle School
Kennard-Dale High School

  • For absences, Excuse Cards must be signed by the parent or guardian and submitted within 5 days.  Excuse cards with the appropriate signature will be accepted in the following ways:

--E-mail attachment to the attendance secretary (photo or PDF)
Regular mail (postmarked within 5 days) to the school building
Fax to the school building
For hybrid students, have them bring it in person when they are in the building
Please note that there may be special directions/forms from the school nurse for Covid related illnesses